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Digital Solutions

28.2% of adults in the Lexington DMA read the newspaper in print or online in the last 30 days. Every month, more than 2.3 million unique visitors read the Lexington Herald-Leader online, 68% on their phone or tablet. has a variety of online display ad positions and sizes that cater to any campaign or creative. We offer section targeting, geo targeting, and day-part targeting to increase campaign effectiveness and provide our clients with the best possible return.

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Mobile and Tablet

Mobile and Tablet devices are currently the fastest growing advertising medium. 68% of our online traffic now comes from a mobile device. As our audience changes the way they consume content, we have made our content available in more places. The mobile sites and apps can put your advertising message on these new platforms at a local level.

Audience Extension

The Lexington Herald-Leader is now able to offer an extended audience to our advertisers, through strategic partnerships with access to online inventory from thousands of top websites. Target by demographic (age, gender, income, religion), interests, geographic area, and behavior through targeted banner ads on a network of websites. Micro-targeting allows you to reach a specific audience with a message that will appeal to them.

Email Marketing

The Lexington Herald-Leader can target your e-mail blast to consumers, niche markets or other businesses on a wide variety of attributes! Simply tell us who you would like to target and where and we'll let you know how many people fit your criteria.


impressLOCAL is an affordable marketing solution for local businesses that is designed to deliver measurable results using a mix of digital and print products. The benefits of impressLOCAL include one-stop shopping that provides comprehensive advertising solutions for your business, a tracking system that allows you to measure your results and ROI, a customer-focused dashboard and, of course, our professional sales team will help ensure the right solutions with the right message.

Contact you media consultant or Heather McGinnis (, (859) 231-1315) today for questions and custom advertising ideas!

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