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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Readers weigh in on the Kentucky governor’s race


Bevin puts politics first

If it wasn’t clear already that Gov. Matt Bevin is a bully, his performance during WKYT’s gubernatorial debate made it clear. It also reaffirmed my decision to vote for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear this Nov. 5. Bevin has placed politics over people. His attacks on teachers, working families, and public education have made him the least popular governor in the country. His belittling behavior is not leadership. Kentuckians are worried about rising healthcare costs, earning enough to raise their families and public education. Instead, Bevin is using the governor’s office to enrich himself and his already wealthy friends. He even made fun of Beshear for relating to the need to have access to affordable education. ”If you have to brag about how poor your father and grandfather were, that’s a bit of a stretch,” Bevin said. Where is the empathy? Under Bevin, Kentuckians are losing access to basic freedoms — healthcare decisions, education and income equality. We need real leadership that places people over politics — Kentucky deserves better.

Kendra Portwood, Lexington

Re-elect Bevin

It is clear that Gov. Matt Bevin won the recent debate on the important issues. It will not be a good thing for Kentucky to legalize casino gaming, but Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear keeps claiming it will be good. Legalizing casino gambling will only make money for power-hungry lawyers and casino owners, while financially ruining many working-class families. Bevin is opposed to legalizing casino gambling. The governor is also correct when he calls Beshear a fraud. He said this, stating that because the Beshears send their kids to private schools, it shows they do not have confidence in nor are they supportive of public schools. Actions speak louder than words. For these and many other reasons, Kentucky will do well to re-elect Bevin.

Marianne Weiss, Lexington

Words matter, governor

For 37 years I was proud that I could be a part of the education of students in Henderson County. Some of my peers crossed the bridge for the additional $10,000 teachers made in Indiana. Like my peers in the Henderson city and county school system, I thought my place was to be here helping to prepare my students for citizenship.

Teachers had little say in curriculum planning, salary schedules or class size. We took what we were dealt and did our jobs and did our best. The people I worked with put in extra hours, bought things for their classrooms out of their own pockets, stayed after school with clubs and tutoring and never complained about all the extra time they put in without pay.

When I hear this governor malign people who make so many sacrifices, it makes me angry. He doesn’t mind pushing unfunded mandates on the school system. He doesn’t mind insulting teachers. He doesn’t mind calling some of the most selfless professionals I know thugs or blaming them for children being molested because they are at home alone. I cannot support Matt Bevin for governor. His words must have consequences.

Roy N. Pullam, Henderson

Families at risk

During the gubernatorial debate, WKYT asked about the state’s role in reproductive rights — specifically if Roe v. Wade is overturned — and my stomach turned when Gov. Matt Bevin spoke. Recently, Bevin said he didn’t give “one lick” if there was access to abortion in the state, and during the debate, he doubled down in reaffirming he doesn’t trust people to make their own decisions about their bodies. Andy Beshear believes we all deserve abortion access. If Roe v. Wade is overturned and Bevin is re-elected, people in Kentucky will lose their freedom to decide when and how to have a family. Consider what a post-Roe world really looks like: your family, friends, loved ones being questioned by police for a miscarriage or having to struggle to find the money for life-saving procedures that cover complicated situations like an ectopic pregnancy. Under Bevin, pregnant Kentuckians will be forced to continue a pregnancy even in the case of rape and incest. Under Bevin, insurance providers will be banned from providing reproductive coverage — placing your family at risk. We can’t let Bevin control our bodies and our lives. We must protect our freedom to make our own healthcare decisions.

Elizabeth Young, Lexington

Beshear and public schools?

Democratic candidate for governor Andy Beshear proclaims himself to be solidly for public school teachers, and has even “promised” them a raise, at taxpayers’ expense. But in the interest of transparency, it’s interesting to know that Beshear sends his own children to private school.

Dale Henley, Lexington

Include all candidates

Our statewide media is affecting votes in our gubernatorial race.

In the race for governor of Kentucky, there are three strong candidates, and all the media across Kentucky seems to only want to cover two of them.

John Hicks and Ann Cormican are running on the Libertarian ticket for the governor/lieutenant governor seat. They have been excluded from every debate schedule so far, and the media rarely mentions them, if ever.

This is unfair to the people of Kentucky, who have a right to know all the information about all candidates, and it is an injustice to those running — especially Hicks and Cormican.

Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or other, I’m hopeful that we all can agree that it’s unfair to not include all candidates in these debates to allow Kentuckians to cast an educated vote.

Please contact the remaining hosts host let them know how wrong they are.

Oct. 21 - KET airing televised debate between lieutenant governor candidates

Oct. 26 - League of Women Voters of Louisville and WLKY hosting third debate in Louisville

Oct. 28 - Fourth debate in Lexington aired by KET

Oct. 29 - Northern Kentucky University and WLWT hosting final debate in Highland Heights

Melissa Caudill, Sadieville

Don’t be fooled

Have you seen the dark and scary ads attacking Andy Beshear? They are dark and grainy with unflattering pictures of well-known Democrats. They call these people “liberals” which is suppose to scare you. These ads are aired under the name of Putting Kentucky First, which is supposed to sound positive. Actually, they are a political action group which comes out of the Republican Governors Association. This group is funded by rich Republican donors to give money to Bevin’s re-election campaign. It is a way for them to donate more than they are allowed to give an individual candidate. These ads want to scare you away from the Democratic candidate for governor. But, let’s consider the “liberal” programs that Democrats have instituted to protect the American citizens: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, the unemployment program. These are the very safety-net programs the GOP wants to end or greatly reduce. Please, do not be misled by these ads.

Barbara Plymale, Lexington

Bevin’s real plan

Gov. Matt Bevin’s strategy to win a second term is apparently to nationalize the race and run on President Donald Trump’s coattails. He may hope the local issues of importance to all Kentuckians — education, healthcare, treatment of children and poor national rankings across numerous categories — will largely go unnoticed. But there may be another motive. I wonder if Bevin is hoping that his fawning over the president, his secret trips, his dropping of the current lieutenant governor. for someone “more qualified” who would be acceptable to take his place, and his popularity ranking and combative personality will eminently qualify him for a position in a second Trump administration if it were to happen. I can’t imagine Bevin has missed the point opportunities are readily available in a Trump administration and that he considers himself ready for a national stage. His ties to Kentucky do not appear to be so binding that this scenario may not be pie in the sky.

Charles Myers, Lexington

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